About L’Amable Bible Chapel

L’Amable Bible Chapel began in the early 1980’s when a group of people from the L’Amable area who were attending Bancroft Bible Chapel began to meet locally.  The first services were held in the ‘Old L’Amable School’ which was rented from Dungannon Township.  In 1988 land was purchased for a building and in April of 1990 construction began.  Over the next three years, with mostly volunteer labour, the present building was constructed.  In 1993 the school was returned to the township and with many fond memories of the ‘Old School’ the congregation began to meet in the present church.  Final details were completed on the building and the official opening took place October 10, 1993.

Although L’Amable Bible Chapel is a community based church, it has its roots in the brethren movement and is known as a Brethren Assembly, believing in the inerrancy of scripture and in the soul’s salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.  As a Brethren Assembly it is unique in that the leadership is autonomous being responsible only to the congregation and to God.

The congregation invites you to services and trusts that you will find the folks here to be very friendly and receptive.