Bruce Babb

Born & raised on the south shore of Rice Lake.  Worked in Cobourg all my working years.  Retired to Bancroft in 2004; attended L’Amable Bible Chapel since.  Have two grown sons + 3 grandchildren.  Have been married to my wife Carol for 49 years.

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Garnet & Gwen Cooney

Garnet and Gwen Cooney, Missionaries to the Republic of Ireland. Garnet & Gwen have been serving the Lord in Ireland for 18 years. Their main focus is with the assembly in Charleville, County Cork. The young believers there need much encouragement. Evangelism, through different means, including Gospel meetings, children’s summer...

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Dennis & Valerie Easton

Dennis and Valerie Easton, along with their five children (Lael, Aria, Quinn, Cambree and Theo) work with New Tribes Mission of Canada in a remote tribal group in the Philippines.  They have built a home in a Ga’dang village and are in the process of learning their language and culture...

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Jerry Goodkey

I grew up in the Bancroft area, and then spent a number of years working in Northern Ontario. My wife Betty and I have 4 adult children and 12 grandchildren. We moved back to the area in 2004, and worked at Graphite Bible camp for five and a half years. We...

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